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This is  NOT  Ellis!      Take a closer look, 


this is a dog rescued in Houston, Texas!


Subj: Ellis look alike
Date: 07/03/2000 10:44:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: MACKDOG@worldnet.att.net (PAUL KENNEDY)
To: GARotts@aol.com


The rescue is currently at my vets, Suburbia North Animal Hospital, here in Houston. Dr. Mcguire and her staff have taken excellent care of him. She believes he is approx. 2 years old. Since being in her care he has had his cherry eyes fixed, been neutered, treated for worms and of course all the baths and treatment for his mange. He was started on heartworm treatment 3 weeks ago. Due to the heavy load he will have to endure this twice. So far so good. He has a scar that runs completely around his neck from a collar or rope that was allowed to get too tight. His hair has grown back in, still kind of thin but its getting better everyday. He is now weighing in just over 90 pounds, the vet thinks he should weigh around 100. He has the sweetest personality even after all that he has endured. he seems to like women more than men, and LOVES Dr. Mcguire. He was food aggressive in the beginning but everyone is working with him on this and he is much better. He now understands there will always be food for him. We have named him Mack because he is as tough as a Mack truck. Its taken me two and a half months to convince my husband that we need this dog. With three of my own he was reluctant but finally Mack won him over. We look forward to bringing Mack home in about 5 weeks. He has been introduced to my 2 year old (which is very protective of me) without any problem, the two 9 year olds will be the next step. 

I want to thank you, without your success story of Ellis I'm not sure i could have undertaken this, when things got tough I would remember what a joy Ellis turned out to be and work a little harder. Thank you again for the encouragement you sent without even knowing it. 



Do you believe in the miracle of LOVE?
MACK IS HOME!!!! Dr. McGuire decided to wait on Macks eye surgery.
His eye lids don't roll in that much and she said we will go back and do
it if he has problems but at this time it is more cosmetic than necessary.
He is weighing in at 98#, forty one pounds more than he weighed when I
picked him up. He was introduced to my boys without a problem one. In 6
hours he has become one of the pack. I still don't know about his house
manners but we are fixing to find out. We are thrilled to finally be
together. As you can see from his pictures, this is a happy boy. Thank you
and Ellis so very very much for all of your encouragement. Due to ya'll Mack
is on his way to a new life.

and now a special message
  for ELLIS, The American Dream!
Thank You! Thank you!
MACK! is my name!
Read Ellis entire story at 
If you don't Rescue,
Please, support your local rescue group.
Like Ellis and Mack there are many others in need of help.
One other rescue has come to us, his name is
is the one needing your help and prayers.

It is God who is behind these rescues!