Joie d'Magia

JUNE 15, 2004
MAY 2, 2016

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Joie, all I can do is upload your pictures. I cannot write, as tears are rolling down
my face. YOU took another piece of my heart, and that is fine, others have done the
same. Maybe when you meet them all, maybe you can piece my heart back together
and it will be then that I will join all of you.
I miss you so much, my Joie, so much.


Every time you kissed me, you were telling me that it was JOE who was kissing me.
You always kept your DAD in me. How silly, didn't you know HE is always in my heart?
I love you and miss you, MY GORDA!


Acosta Rottweilers 


If You Don't Rescue


created May 4, 2016