August 10, 1999 - October 10, 1999

*Please see the November 5, 1999 Update at the bottom...

Miami, Florida.  What you are going to see will definitely shock you.  It has only been 60 days from his rescue.  The world will see the MIRACLE OF LOVE!

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to his original rescue website with all the updates.  The page you are viewing now was created separately to be able to load up all the pictures you are about to see.   I am sure that most of you will look twice, and three times or more, comparing the pictures to make sure this is the same AMERICAN DREAM.  I could not send his new look without the original pictures, people would not believe this is the same dog, a Rottweiler.

Enjoy!  I am sure you will cry from happiness.  But, it is not over yet.  On the 11th of October Ellis will go back to Tropical Park Animal Hospital for his heartworm treatment.

Even though Ellis is still weak, we feel the longer we wait for his heartworm treatment the bigger the risk of losing him.  He has gained lots of weight and he is wearing his "new" coat!  But, there are times when he loses his balance and falls.  He needs to build up his muscle tone. 

I ask if you read this page before the 12th of October that you say a prayer for OUR AMERICAN DREAM!  I will be in Chicago at the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty and my mind and soul will be with Ellis in Miami. 

Before I close, I must say something on Ellis' temperament.  He lives with my dogs. He minds his own business, never getting angry for anything.  He loves to be hugged and kissed!  Yes, kissed!  I never thought it would be this early that I would kiss this dog. Ellis will soon go to his new home with Anne, the English lady who is on his website. She visits him every week and has promised me to visit him at the clinic while I am away.  Anne, is a Guardian Angel sent by God.

To all donors, THANK YOU!  I have finished doing a database file with all the names and addresses of all of you.  Soon we will send you a Thank You card with Ellis' picture on it.  I am not the rescuer, WE are the rescuers.  You should be very proud to have helped on the recovery of this amazing dog.   I want each of you to feel a hug from me and I am sending God's blessings your way.

Let's not forget what I always say, GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT!


ELLIS on August 10th and now on October 10th!

and now enjoy his new look!

I am a new happy man!

And this is just for you...

feel my kiss!

Ellis, the American Dream

 and Grace Acosta

Ellis' story can be found at his website, click on the link below.  It has not ended yet.  Remember he still needs to jump the biggest hurdle, heartworm treatment.  May God bless our American Dream.

*Heartworm Treatment Update!  November 5, 1999

On October 12, Ellis began his two day heartworm treatment.  He remained at Tropical Park Animal Hospital until Monday, October 18th when I picked him up.  He stayed at with me until Sunday, October 24 when Anne his new owner came to pick him up.

Ellis went to live with two new canine friends. These are smaller rescue dogs and Anne was concerned with the introduction of Ellis to his new house mates.  We first met outside Anne's home and then went to the back yard to monitor the interaction.  Anne was concerned more with her male dog not accepting Ellis, but on the contrary this little one was very happy to welcome his new "partner in crime".  They both went around the big yard and the little one made sure that he showed Ellis all the surroundings.

Ellis went back to the vet yesterday, November 4.   A blood test was done to check on his progress. So far, so good.

Below is his latest picture taken at the Gulfstream Rottweiler Club Specialty Show, on September 24, 1999 by a professional photographer.  He was wearing a "We Are Not Disposable" bandana and the club medallion that he was awarded during the Parade of Rescue.

On another note, donations to the Rescue Fund continue to come in.  It has been through Ellis' surge of public awareness that has spawned this latest round of funding. 

Donations may be sent to Gulfstream Rottweiler Club, 2950 SW 103 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33165.



I went to visit Ellis.  He recognized me immediately and covered me with his kisses.  Ellis looks great and is gaining strength.  His two new buddies follow him everywhere.  Anne tells me that when the two get into an argument, Ellis steps in between them an avoids the conflict.  I took several pictures.  Here they are.  So many of you are waiting for this update.

            Grace and Ellis                            Ellis and Anne              Ellis and his two new friends